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Ozone Check - UV

Software Controlled Ozone Cabinet for the evaluation of ozone resistance of rubber samples

Standards the instrument complies with:
PRESCRIZIONI PER MATERIALI NON METALLICI - Controllo della resistenza all'invecchiamento in atmosfera arricchita di ozono della gomma sotto allungamento impostoFIAT 50417
Cellular Products
Standard Specification for Flexible Cellular Materials—Sponge or Expanded RubberASTM D1056Flexible cellular polymeric materials -- Sponge and expanded cellular rubber products -- Specification -- Part 1: SheetingISO 6916-1Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Sponge and expanded cellular rubber products – Specification – Part 2: Mouldings and extrusionsISO 6916-2
Rubber & Elastomers
Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics -- Determination of resistance to ozone cracking under static conditionsISO 3011Elastomeric seals - Materials requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications- Part 1: Vulcanized rubberEN 681-1Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration—Cracking in an Ozone Controlled EnvironmentASTM D1149Standard Test Method for Rubber Deterioration—Surface Ozone Cracking Outdoors (Triangular Specimens)ASTM D1171Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration—Reference and Alternative Method(s) for Determining Ozone Level in Laboratory Test ChambersASTM D4575Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Resistance to ozone cracking -- Part 1: Static and dynamic strain testingISO 1431-1Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Resistance to ozone cracking -- Part 3: Reference and alternative methods for determining the ozone concentration in laboratory test chambersISO 1431-3Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastics — Determination of ozone resistance JIS K_6259Prüfung von Kautschuk und Elastomeren — Bestimmung der Beständigkeit gegen Rissbildung unter Ozoneinwirkung — Teil 1: Statische BeanspruchungDIN 53_509-1
Rubber Hoses
Rubber and plastics hoses -- Assessment of ozone resistance under static conditionsISO 7326Small Craft - Fire resistant fuel hoses ISO 7840Road Vehicle - Hydraulic Brake Hose Assemblies for Use With Nonpetroleum-Base Hydraulic FluidsSAE J1401

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The instrument Ozone Check - UV is a complete ozone cabinet conforming to ISO 1431 and ASTM D1149 for the measurement of the resistance to cracking under static or dynamic tensile strain of rubber samples or technical articles. The instrument permits to set the test conditions in order to comply with international standard methods.

The Instruments permits the regulation of:
• Ozone Concentration, between 10 and 500 pphm (UV absorption detector);
• Test temperature, between ambient +5°C and +70°C;
• Air Flow in the Test Chamber, between 1 and 3 air changes/minute;
• Relative Humidity, between 40 and 90% (optional).

Key Features 
• Automatic regulation of Ozone Concentration, Temperature, Air Flow and Relative Humidity (optional)
• Performance of Static or Dynamic tests
• UV-absorption Ozone detector
• Stainless steel cylindrical test chamber for homogeneous ozone distribution
• Generation and shooting down of the Ozone in closed circuit (no exhaust evacuation needed)
• CE labelling
OzoneCheck_10 Software 
The program allows you to:
• Prepare customized test procedures by defining the test parameters (ozone concentration, temperature, number of air changes, duration of the test, concentration of humidity).
• Automatically adjust the instrument according to the parameters of the selected test procedure
• Display the Curves of the ozone concentration, humidity and temperature over time.
• Save test curves and images imported into Gibitre's SQL database.

Test report 
Can be printed or saved to pdf in one of the available languages. The format of the Test Report can be customized by the user.

Example of test Report
Test Procedures 
The Test procedures define the test conditions relating to:
• Ozone concentration
• Test temperature
• Air flow rate
• Duration of the test
• Relative humidity concentration (optional)

When a test procedure is selected, the instrument adjustment is done completely automatically.

It is possible to copy and modify the predefined Test Procedures or prepare completely customized ones through the Datagest program (installed together with the OzoneCheck program).

UV Ozone Detector 
The Ozone concentration measurement device via UV sensor is conforming to ISO 1431-3 and ASTM D4575 standards.
The device:
• Continuously detects the concentration of ozone inside the test chamber
• Performs a self-calibration every 30 seconds by comparing the measurement of the ozonated air with pure air
• Regulates the generation of ozone in the test chamber by means of a PID control ensuring that the test conditions are reached within the times established by the standard and minimizing oscillations.

The device can be supplied with a direct calibration certificate issued by an accredited laboratory.
Regulation of Relative Humidity 
Humidity control system to regulate the Relative Humidity in test chamber between 40 and 90%. This option permits to test ozone resistance in presence of humidity. The device includes suitable refrigerating unit and a cold steam generator.
Test Chamber 
Gibitre Ozone Tester is the only instrument with a cylindrical test chamber with symmetrical air extraction by means of a double-chamber. This unique feature ensures a homogeneous distribution of ozonized air inside the chamber that could not be obtained with a cubic chamber. The chamber is made of stainless steel. The instrument has an inspection windows in the front with two lights on the sides which permit to inspect the samples during the test without need of stopping the test and removing the samples from the chamber.

Safety Devices 
• The instrument automatically locks the opening of the instrument when the ozone concentration exceeds 10 pphm to prevent undesired contact with ozonized air.
• The generation and shooting down of the Ozonized airflow is made in closed circuit in order to meet safety requirements and to render an aspiration system unnecessary.
• Safety sensors protect the instrument from excessive temperature and humidity due to incorrect set.
• Safety Push-button
• The instrument is supplied with CE Labelling

Support for Static test in traction  
• Sample holder for the static strain of 2-4 samples with adjustable distance of the grips.
• Static test piece holder with planetary effect, in compliance with ISO 1431-1 standard. It moves the test pieces over the whole volume of the chamber for a more homogeneous ozone atmosphere exposition.
Up to 64 samples (with 10 mm width) can be tested at the same time with the device.
Support for Static test in traction of Rubber Hoses 
Sample holders for tests on rubber hoses according to ISO 7326-method 1 and 2
Support for dynamic test 
In compliance with ISO 1431, ASTM D1149 and SAE J1401. To be inserted into test chamber for the study of ozone resistance of cured rubber under dynamic conditions (from 3 to 30 cycles/min - 0.05 to 0.5 Hz).
Up to 10 samples can be tested at the same time
Continuation of the Test after unwanted interruption 
The instrument continuously stores the working conditions. After an electrical black out, the user can restart the program and continue the interrupted test.

Standard Calibration service for Ozone Cabinet 
The calibration is performed with reference to the requirements of ISO 1431 standard.
The service includes:
• Ordinary maintenance of the instrument
• Complete cleaning of the Ozone Detector with replacement of the internal filters.
• Calibration of the temperature inside the test chamber (40°C).
• Calibration of the Ozone Concentration inside the test chamber (at 50 pphm, 100 pphm, 150 pphm, 200 pphm).
• Calibration of the time for reaching ozone concentration set (NEW)
• Calibration of the relative Humidity inside the chamber at 50% and 75% (Only for instruments with humidity control)
• Final check of the correct working of the instrument.
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.

Example of Calibration Report

Industry 4.0 integration 
The instrument and the software have been specifically developed to optimize integration with other environments.
The database in SQL format and the Gibitre_Company_Connect program allows you synchronize your company management software with Gibitre database and to speed up the identification of the tests and to use bar-code readers or similar devices.
The automatic logging service permits to send alarm information to the cloud-service platform of Gibitre Instruments in order to optimize the reaction times of the Service Support.

Hardware requirements 
• Programs can be installed on standard PCs with WINDOWS 7, 8 or 10 OPERATING SYSTEMS.
• The CONNECTION between the instruments and the PC is made using the USB CABLE supplied with the instrument.
• The programs are COMPATIBLE WITH ANTIVIRUS, and other programs installed on the PC.

Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.

Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  FIAT 50417; ASTM D1056; ISO 6916-1; ISO 6916-2; ISO 3011; EN 681-1; ASTM D1149; ASTM D1171; ASTM D4575; ISO 1431-1; ISO 1431-3; JIS K_6259; DIN 53_509-1; ISO 7326; ISO 7840; SAE J1401;  
Instrument Characteristics
Test chamber  Cylindrical Stainless Steel test chamber with internal illumination and inspection window. Ø 550 mm; H 550 mm. Volume 155 Litres  Control of Ozone Concentration  Automatic between 10 and 500 PPHM (50.5 to 505 mPa). UV Absorption Analyzer according to ISO 1431-3 and ASTM D4575 with ± 3% accuracy  Temperature control (standard instrument)  From Room Temperature +5°C to 70°C. Accuracy: 0.1°C.  Test Temperature (Instrument with Humidity Control)  From 20°C to 70°C. Accuracy: 0.1°C.   Control of Relative Humidity (optional)  Between 40 and 90%. This option includes humidity Generator and Refrigeration unit  Air flow  Adjustable from 1 to 3 changes/min (air change speed between 10 and 30 mm/sec)
Internal fan according to ISO 1431. 
Ozone circuit type  Closed circuit with continuous ozone production and shooting down through self regenerating active carbon filter. 
Sample holders
Static Sample Holders  • Static strain and planetary displacement according to ISO 1431-1 standard (32 to 64 samples)
• Tests on rubber hoses according to ISO 7326 
Sample holder for dynamic test  Frequency: 3 to 30 cicles/min (0.05 to 0.5 Hz). Holder for 10 samples 
Results storage  The test result sand the curves are stored in the SQL Gibitre database which is installed in combination with the software  Test Data produced  Ozone concentration, temperature and Humidity level (only with Humidity control option) during test time  Data Printout  Test identification data, test parameters, sample characteristics, curves of ozone concentration, temperature, relative humidity, notes about results, images uploaded during the test.  Software usage Languages  Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Czech 
Safety Devices
Safety Devices  Safety Pushbutton.
Safety Lock of the door of the instrument if ozone concentration is higher than 10 pphm.
Safety thermostat for overheating 
Labelling  CE Labelling 
Calibration Report  Calibration report with traceability to primary standards in conformity with the Calibration requirements specified in ISO 1431-1 standard  Calibrated parameters  The certificate includes the calibration of:
- Temperature (40°C).
- Ozone Concentration (at 50 pphm, 100 pphm, 150 pphm, 200 pphm)
- Time for reaching ozone concentration set
- Relative Humidity (at 50% and 75%) 
Construction Characteristics
Power supply  220 VAC,50/60 Hz, 2.5 kW, single phase, (110 VAC, 60 Hz on request)  Sample holders Elevator  Lifting gear for up and down movement to help in inspection of the different sample holders  Dimensions  (W x D x H) 1060 x 1000 x 1080 mm (2390 mm with lifting system)  Weight  370 Kg  Refrigeration unit (for the version of the instrument with Humidity Control)  • Dimensions: (W, D, H): 350 x 550 x 650 mm
• Noise Level: < 70 dB (A);
• Weight: 50 kg 
Personal computer  Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM.
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10;
Connection to the instrument via USB Cable (included) 
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How to convert pphm ozone concentration into Mpa ?
The differences in atmospheric pressure can influence the effective ozone concentration, and hence the result, when the ozone concentration is expressed in parts per billion (or parts per hundred million) by volume. This effect can be eliminated by expressing the ozone content of the ozonized air in terms of the partial pressure of ozone, i.e. in millipascals, and making comparisons at constant ozone partial pressure. Under standard conditions of atmospheric pressure and temperature (101kPa, 273K), an ozone concentration of 10ppb is equivalent to an ozone partial pressure of 1,01mPa. For further guidance, please refer to ISO 1431-3.
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