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Tensor Check Profile - PC

Fully programmable tensile-testing system working in traction and compression suitable for testing mechanical characteristics of materials like rubbers, plastics, composites, adhesives, leather, etc.

Standards the instrument complies with:
Parquet adhesives; requirements, testing, instructions for processingDIN 281Adhesives. Test method for adhesives for floor and wall coverings. Peel testEN 1372Self adhesive tapes - Determination of peel adhesion propertiesEN 1939Quick StickAFERA 4015Measurement of Peel Adhesion from Stainless Steel or from its Own Backing ISO 29862 - EN 1939AFERA 5001Breaking Strength and Elongation of Adhesive Tape ISO 29864 - EN 14410 2003AFERA 5004Self adhesive tapes — Determination of peel adhesion propertiesISO 29862
Prova di Trazione della gommaFIAT 50405GOMMA VULCANIZZATA - Isteresi statica a compressioneFIAT 50409Prova di lacerazione della gommaFIAT 50412Tensile properties - Elastomer components in automotive - Test methods for determination of characteristics - Tensile stress-strain properties - Tensile testVDA 675-205
Tension Testing Wrought and Cast Aluminum-and Magnesium-AlloyProductsASTM B557Zinc or zinc alloy coated non-alloy steel wire for armouring either power cables or telecommunication cables. Land cablesEN 10257-1Testing of cables, wires and flexible cords - Tear resistanceDIN_VDE 0472-613Test methods for electric cables, cords and conductors Insulation, extruded semi-conductive screens and non-metallic sheaths - Methods for general applicationAS_NZS 1660_2_1STANDARD TEST METHODS FOR EXTRUDED DIELECTRIC POWER, CONTROL, INSTRUMENTATION, AND PORTABLE CABLES FOR TESTICEA T-27-581Insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables — Common test methods — Part 1-1: General application — Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions — Tests for determining the mechanical propertiesEN 60811-1-1Insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables — Common test methods — Part 1-1: General application — Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions — Tests for determining the mechanical propertiesIEC 60811_1_1 STANDARD TEST METHODS FOR EXTRUDED DIELECTRIC POWER, CONTROL, INSTRUMENTATION, AND PORTABLE CABLES FOR TESTNEMA WC_53-2008
Cellular Products
Flexible cellular polymeric materials -- Determination of tensile strength and elongation at breakISO 1798PUR Flexible Foam - Testing MethodsPV 3410Standard Specification for Flexible Cellular Materials—Sponge or Expanded RubberASTM D1056Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials—Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane FoamsASTM D3574Polymeric materials, cellular flexible –Determination of stress-strain characteristic in compression – Part 1: Low-density materialsISO 3386-1Flexible cellular polymeric materials –Determination of stress-strain characteristics in compression –Part 2: High-density materialsISO 3386-2Flexible cellular polymeric materials -- Sponge and expanded cellular rubber products -- Specification -- Part 1: SheetingISO 6916-1Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Sponge and expanded cellular rubber products – Specification – Part 2: Mouldings and extrusionsISO 6916-2
Testing of sandwiches; Compression test perpendicular to the facesDIN 53_291
Flexible Barrier Materials, Primary Barrier Packaging Materials, Seal Strength, Sealability Strength
Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier MaterialsASTM F88
O-Rings and Gaskets
Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Nonmetallic Gasket MaterialsASTM F152Standard Test Methods for Rubber O-RingsASTM D1414
Single-use sterile surgical rubber gloves—SpecificationAS_NZS 4179Medical gloves for single use - Part 2: Requirements and testing for physical propertiesEN 455-2Standard Specification for Rubber Surgical GlovesASTM D3577
Plastic Films
Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of thin Plastic SheetingASTM D882Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and SheetingASTM D1894
Plastic Pipes
Standard Test Method for Determination of External Loading Characteristics of Plastic Pipe by Parallel-Plate LoadingASTM D2412Thermoplastics pipes -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 3: Polyolefin pipesISO 6259-3
Plastics -- Determination of flexural propertiesISO 178Plastics -- Determination of compressive propertiesISO 604Plastics -- Film and sheeting -- Determination of the coefficients of frictionISO 8295Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of PlasticsASTM D638Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating MaterialsASTM D790Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 1: General principlesISO 527-1Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 2: Test conditions for moulding and extrusion plasticsISO 527-2Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 3: Test conditions for films and sheetsISO 527-3Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 4: Test conditions for isotropic and orthotropic fibre-reinforced plastic compositesISO 527-4Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 5: Test conditions for unidirectional fibre-reinforced plastic compositesISO 527-5Plastics — Determination of hardness — Part 1: Ball indentation methodISO 2039-1
Standard Specification for Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)Granular Molding and Ram extrusion materialASTM D4894
Rubber & Elastomers
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of adhesion to textile fabricsISO 36Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of tensile stress-strain propertiesISO 37Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Determination of adhesion to a rigid substrate — 90° peel methodISO 813Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of adhesion to metal -- Two-plate methodISO 814Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics - Determination of tensile strength and elongation at breakISO 1421Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of shear modulus and adhesion to rigid plates -- Quadruple-shear methodsISO 1827Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics -- Determination of coating adhesionISO 2411Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of tear strength -- Part 1: Trouser, angle and crescent test piecesISO 34-1Elastomer O-Ring Determining Tensile Strength, Elongation at Tear and Stress Values in theTensile TestPV 3973Rubber -- Determination of adhesion to rigid materials using conical shaped partsISO 5600Rubber and plastics test equipment -- Tensile, flexural and compression types (constant rate of traverse) -- SpecificationISO 5893Rubber and plastics -- Analysis of multi-peak traces obtained in determinations of tear strength and adhesion strengthISO 6133Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic— Determination of ageing characteristics by measurement of stress relaxation in tensionISO 6914Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of compression stress-strain propertiesISO 7743Raw rubber or unvulcanized compounds — Determination of green strength ISO 9026Standard Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers—TensionASTM D412Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Adhesion to Rigid SubstratesASTM D429Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in CompressionASTM D575Standard Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers ASTM D624Rubber -- Determination of frictional propertiesISO 15113Elastomeric seals - Materials requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications- Part 1: Vulcanized rubberEN 681-1Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Elongation at Specific StressASTM D1456Determination of Green Strength and Stress Relaxation of Raw Rubber or Unvulcanized CompoundsASTM D6746Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of stress relaxation in compression -- Part 1: Testing at constant temperatureISO 3384-1Trennversuch an haftend verbundenen Gewebelagen - Test for separating layers of laminated woven FabricsDIN 53_530TUYAUX CAOUTCHOUC OU PLASTOMERE ADHERENCE ENTRE LES ELEEMNTS CONSTITUTIFS D'UN TUYOUPSA D41 1315Rubber Hoses and Sleeves for Engine Cooling Liquid. Par 2.7.7: Inner tube/cover adhesion testFIAT 9.02136/01Coefficient of friction of O-RingsATE N_553_59_25
Rubber Hoses
Rubber and plastics hoses -- Determination of adhesion between componentsISO 8033Flexible hose assemblies in drinking water installations - Functional requirements and testEN 13618Testing methods for rubber and Plastic hoses - Part 6: Determination of adhesion between componentsJIS K_6330-6
Sheets, Flooring & Geotextiles
Standard Test Methods for Coated FabricsASTM D751Geosynthetics -- Wide-width tensile testISO 10319Surfaces for sports areas. Determination of joint strength of synthetic surfacesEN 12228Geosynthetics -- Static puncture test (CBR test)ISO 12236
Adhesion of Tire Cords and Other Reinforcing Cords to Rubber Compounds by H-Test ProcedureASTM D4776

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Gibitre Tensor Check is a fully programmable tensile-testing system suitable for testing mechanical characteristics of materials including rubbers, plastics, composites, adhesives, leather, etc. The instrument permits to perform traction, compression, hysteresis, peeling, flexural and shear tests in conformity with international standards.

Why Choose TensorCheck ? 
Base Characteristics:
• Construction conforming to ISO 5893 Standard
• Double screw structure with ball-bearings designed for working in traction and compression with forces up 20 kN.
• Auto-detection of the load cell in use.
• Measurement of the crosshead displacement with 0.0025 mm resolution.
• Displacement speed from 0.2 to 1000 mm/min.
• Safety limit switches
• Full license of TensorCheck_9 and full license of Datagest_10 software
• Storage of data and curves in standard Gibitre SQL database
CE Labelling

Applicable Devices
• Mechanical extensometer: 0.01 mm accuracy
• Micro extensometer: 0.0001 mm resolution
• Thickness meter integrated with the software for direct sample thickness acquisition
• Environmental Chamber with Cooling Refrigerator (-40 to 250°C) and internal extensometer
• Wide range of pneumatic and manual grips for Traction, Compression, Peeling, Friction, Bending, O-ring traction, Adhesion and more.
TensoCheck Software 
The instrument is supplied with full license of TensorCheck_9 and full license of Datagest_10 software. Features:
• Wide range of pre-installed test procedures in compliance with international standards
• Step-by-step wizard procedure for the preparation of fully customized test methods
• Data acquisition from thickness meter and automatic calculation of sample cross-section
• Direct control of the thermal cycle of the environmental chamber
• Comparison of results with tolerance limits and statistic analysis
• Storage of data and curves in standard Gibitre SQL database.
Mechanical Differential Strain Gauge 
The differential extensometer is needed for the measurement of the elongation of the linear part of the specimen according international standards (see ISO 37, ISO 527, ASTM D 412, ASTM D 638)

The mechanical extensometer produced by Gibitre has been specifically developed for testing Rubber, Elastomers and Plastic samples and optimized to:
• measure high elongation that can be reached by rubber and thermoplastic specimens
• absorb the energy transmitted to the device when the specimen breaks
• easily change the distance between the clamps (reference length) according to the type of specimen
• adjust the closing force of the tweezers at the base to the type of material to be tested.

Micro extensometer for Tensor Check dynamometer.
This device is used to perform the Elastic Modulus measurements in compliance with the requirements of ISO 527 1-2-3 and ASTM D 638.
The device has the following characteristics:
• 0.1 Micron resolution
• Distance between terminals settable: 50 mm (other sizes available in option)
• Closing force of the tweezers adjustable
• Travel in traction direction: 2 mm
• Working temperature from + 1 ° C to + 60 ° C
• Applicable specimen thickness: between 0 and 10 mm.
Note: this device, useful for the characterization of the modulus of elasticity of the initial stretch of the stress-deformation curve of thermoplastic products, does not replace the differential strain gauges which allow to analyze the curve until the specimen breaks.
Environmental chamber 
Test Chamber for the performance of tests with controlled temperature (between -40°C and +250°C).
The environmental chamber can be manually displaced from the test area to the back of the instrument for testing with or without temperature control.
Differential extensometer to be installed inside the chamber is available.

Integrated Thickness meter 
Thickness meter for direct acquisition of sample thickness in compliance with ISO 23529 and ASTM D 3767 standards.
The device allows you to directly enter in the software the thickness, measured in several points, of the individual specimens and automatically calculate the Cross Section (average or minimum) to be used for calculating the results.
The calculation of the section is carried out on the basis of the calculation formula defined for the type of specimen in use.
The dial gauge tips are interchangeable according to the type of product.
Wide range of grips for traction, compression, peeling, stress relaxation tests for standard or customer-defined tests.

Read all about Grips for Tensor-Check
Datagest program 
The Datagest program is the database management tool always installed in combination with all Gibitre instrument-control programs.
The program permits to:
• Select, filter, print, export and analyse the test results stored with all the instruments connected.
• Prepare test procedures by defining the test conditions and the results to be produced
• Set tolerance limits for each product by manual insertion or using the statistical analysis (mean and standard deviation) of saved results
• Prepare multi-instrument test reports

Gibitre Standard SQL Database 
All the Gibitre programs use a database with SQL structure for saving the results.
The database can be installed inside an SQL instance present on the company server or it can be installed on a PC connected to a measuring instrument. The installation of the Microsoft SQL service (Express version) is included in the delivery.

Industry 4.0 integration 
The instrument and the software have been specifically developed to optimize integration with other environments.
The database in SQL format and the Gibitre_Company_Connect program allows you synchronize your company management software with Gibitre database and to speed up the identification of the tests and to use bar-code readers or similar devices.
The automatic logging service permits to send alarm information to the cloud-service platform of Gibitre Instruments in order to optimize the reaction times of the Service Support.

Test report 
Can be printed or saved to pdf in one of the available languages. The format of the Test Report can be customized by the user.

Example of test Report
Safety devices 
The instrument is equipped with:
• Safety Push-button
• Double Limit switches for the control of the displacement of the crosshead.
• CE Labelling

Standard Calibration of Tensile Tester 
The calibration is performed with reference to the requirements of ISO 5893 standard (see detail below)
The service includes:
• Ordinary maintenance of the instrument
• Calibration of the differential Extensometer (25mm and 100 mm) according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of the Reference Length (L0) according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of N° 1 Load Cell (10 points testing) according to ISO 7500-1
• Calibration of Crosshead Displacement according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of Crosshead Speed according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of the thickness meter according to ISO 23529
• Calibration of the temperature inside the Environmental chamber
• Verification of the extensometer inside the Environmental chamber
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.

Gibitre calibration service

Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.

Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  DIN 281; EN 1372; EN 1939; AFERA 4015; AFERA 5001; AFERA 5004; ISO 29862; FIAT 50405; FIAT 50409; FIAT 50412; VDA 675-205; ASTM B557; EN 10257-1; DIN_VDE 0472-613; AS_NZS 1660_2_1; ICEA T-27-581; EN 60811-1-1; IEC 60811_1_1 ; NEMA WC_53-2008; ISO 1798; PV 3410; ASTM D1056; ASTM D3574; ISO 3386-1; ISO 3386-2; ISO 6916-1; ISO 6916-2; DIN 53_291; ASTM F88; ASTM F152; ASTM D1414; AS_NZS 4179; EN 455-2; ASTM D3577; ASTM D882; ASTM D1894; ASTM D2412; ISO 6259-3; ISO 178; ISO 604; ISO 8295; ASTM D638; ASTM D790; ISO 527-1; ISO 527-2; ISO 527-3; ISO 527-4; ISO 527-5; ISO 2039-1; ASTM D4894; ISO 36; ISO 37; ISO 813; ISO 814; ISO 1421; ISO 1827; ISO 2411; ISO 34-1; PV 3973; ISO 5600; ISO 5893; ISO 6133; ISO 6914; ISO 7743; ISO 9026; ASTM D412; ASTM D429; ASTM D575; ASTM D624; ISO 15113; EN 681-1; ASTM D1456; ASTM D6746; ISO 3384-1; DIN 53_530; PSA D41 1315; FIAT 9.02136/01; ATE N_553_59_25; ISO 8033; EN 13618; JIS K_6330-6; ASTM D751; ISO 10319; EN 12228; ISO 12236; ASTM D4776;  
Instrument Characteristics
Type of tests  Traction, Compression, Tear, Hysteresis, Peeling, Relaxation, Flexure  Load Transducers  Mode: traction and compression
Base Scale: up to 20 kN
Accuracy: Class 05 (ISO 7500-1) from 1% of Scale Base
Resolution: Scale Base/50000.
Automatic detection of the cell installed 
Mechanical Extensometer  Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: Class E according to ISO 5893 
Micro-Extensometer  • 0.1 Micron resolution
• Distance between terminals: 50mm (other optional)
• Closure Force of Tweezers: adjustable
• Measurement principle by full bridge strain gauge
• Stroke: 2mm
• Working temperature: +1°C to +60°C
• Max specimen thickness 10mm 
Crosshead displacement  Reading Resolution: 0.0025 mm
Speed: 0.2 to 1000 mm/min
Stroke: 1244 mm (without grips) 
Thickness meter for direct sample thickness acquisition  Compliant with standards: ISO 23529 and ASTM D3767
Resolution: 0.01mm (0.001mm optional)
Applied force: between 0.2N and 0.5N
Tips included: flat Ø 4mm, Spherical Ø 3mm, flat Ø 7mm (option) 
Testing procedure  Tension and Compression  Database for test methods  The software is provided with complete database including standard test methods for traction, compression, tear, peeling hysteresis   Selection of units for graph representation of tests  Y axis: force, force/cross sec., force/thickness
X axis: Differential elongation, absolute elongation, time 
Measurement units  N, N/mm, N/mm2 (Mpa), Kgf, Kgf/mm, Kgf/mm2 , PSI  Data analysis  Checking of whether results comply with tolerance limits and relative
statistical elaboration (Mean, Median,, Max, Min, Cp, Cpk) 
Software usage Languages  Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Czech 
Safety Devices
Safety devices  Safety Pushbutton
Safety limit switches 
Labelling  CE Labelling 
Calibration  Calibration certificate conforming to ISO 5893, with reference to primary standards 
Technical specifications
Power supply  220 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3,4 A, single phase - 500 W - 110 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz ±3 on request  Air Pressure (for optional pneumatic grips)  6 bar  Dimensions  (W x D x H) 750 x 700 x 1900 mm  Weight  170 kg 
Personal computer
Personal computer  Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM. Compatible Operating Systems: 7, 8 and 10; Connection to the instrument via USB Cable (included) 
Environmental Chamber
Temperature (with environmental chamber)  between -40°C and +250°C  Temperature (without refrigeration unit)  Temperature: between room temperature and +250°C  Environmental Chamber: Mechanical Extensometer  Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: Conforming with ISO 5893 Standard - Class E 
Cooling for enviromental chamber (option)  Refrigeration Unit  Environmental Chamber: Internal Dimensions  W 240 x D 230 x H 600 mm.  Environmental Chamber: Noise level  Noise level, with cooling unit, 65 dB (A) 
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Tensor Check Profile - PC
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