Tackiness Check

The Tackiness Check instrument measures the adhesion or tack of rubber materials, adhesive tapes, sealants and other materials. Tack is defined as the force required to separate two sheet materials which are compressed together for a specified time. The factors which influence the behavior of tack are: contact pressure, contact time and temperature. The instrument produced by Gibitre permits to set the test cycle and allows accurate control of adhesion force and time.

Instrument Characteristics 
The instrument permits to press the indentor against the sample with controlled force for the set time and to measure the force needed for separating the sample from the indentor.
The instrument is fitted with:
• Motor controlled screw with recycling of ball-bearing for the displacement of the sample (max speed 85 mm/min, stroke 50 mm)
• Displacement transducer with 0,0001 mm resolution
• Load cell for the measure of the force (Max load 50 N, Resolution 0,001 N)
• Interchangeable indentor for the application of the force
• Serial/USB port for the connection to the pc.

Force-Displacement Software (release 9.0) for the management of force vs. displacement test unit.
Features of the program:
The instrument permits:
- Set of customer defined test cycles: displacements, speed, run, max force.
- Analysis of force - displacement curve
- Saving in standard database of curves and test results
- Manual insertion of tolerance limits for each product or automatic calculation based on statistical analysis of stored results
- Graphical and Numerical comparison of results with tolerance limits
- Statistical analysis of results (Mean, St.Dev, Max, Min, Cp, Cpk)
- On-line selection of usage and print language (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish)
- Access to the software functions regulated by password with different access rights
Database is in Paradox format

The supply includes:
- CD for Software installation
- Usage manual of software

Minimum configuration for the Personal Computer (Not included): Core i3 2 GB RAM with Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)

Test Cycle 
Customer-defined test cycle with adjustable force-time application 
Load Cell 
Max load: 50 N, Resolution;: 0.001 N 
Sample Displacement 
Motor controlled screw with ball-screw system. Max speed: 85 mm/min. Stroke: 50 mm. Resolution: 0.0001 mm 
Tool for the application of the force 
Interchangeable indentor, designed for easy preparation and cleaning of the contact surface 

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