Oscillating Disk Rheometer controlled by Personal Computer.


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Oscillating Disk Rheometer controlled by Personal Computer.
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Why Choose Rheocheck OD - Drive?
The Rheocheck OD - Drive measures the cure characteristics of a rubber compound in conformity with the international standards ISO 6502-2 and ASTM D2084
The measure of the vulcanization is carried out by measuring the modification in the mechanical characteristics of the sample. The instrument permits to apply a cyclic strain to a test piece and to measure the associated force. The test is performed at a defined temperature and the measure of stiffness recorded continuously as a function of time.
Why choose Rheocheck OD - Drive? 
• Totally developed and produced in Italy
• Top brand Components
• Test Chamber and Rotor in conformity with international standards
• Independent temperature controllers with 0.1°C resolution
• Touch-screen display for instrument control
• Full license of Rheocheck_10 software optimized for Bar-code sample identification
• Full license of Datagest_10 software for complete management of Gibitre SQL Database
The new 'Drive' generation 
The new generation of 'Drive' instruments is the result of 40 years of experience in the measurement of rheology of rubber and incorporates the most modern technologies regarding mechanical construction, measurement sensors and control software.
RheoCheck_10 Software 
The RheoCheck_10 program connects to the Gibitre SQL database and allows you to collect all the results within the Datagest data management program.
The program allows you to:
• Quickly identify the sequence of tests to be performed
• Automatically adjust the instrument according to the required test conditions
• Analyze the Test curves (S', S", S* Tang_Delta, Der(S'), Temperatures of the dies)
• Compare the results with the tolerance limits
• Elaborate statistical analysis (Carta-X, Gaussiana, Media, Dev St., Max, Min, Cp, Cpk)
• Produce customized reports
Calculated Results 
The software allows you to prepare customized test procedures that include all the calculations required by the standards and product specifications. The dedicated page describes all the available calculations.
Pressure control 
The instrument can be optionally equipped with a pressure sensor for the testing of the expansion evolution of the sample during the curing.
This option is useful for the analysis of cellular rubber formulations.
Designed for the user
Instrument Control Panel 
The instrument is equipped with a large touch-screen display with dimensions 10.2“. The buttons on the display permit to start and stop the tests. The display provides complete information about the status of the instrument: connection to the software, temperature of the dies, diagnostic of the sensors installed.
Light panel 
A light panel, installed in the front part of the instrument, changes the color and permits to check the status of the instrument from a distance. The indicator light identifies the following statuses: Instrument ready, instrument under test, instrument setting test temperature.
Temperature regulation 
The regulation of the temperature is performed using thermo-regulators with PID micro-processor and with 0.1°C resolution.
Independent temperature control units ensure sophisticate temperature control and easy replacement in case of failure.
Electrical heating resistances have been specifically designed for this instrument to ensure quick and efficient heating.
Data Management
Datagest program 
The Datagest program is the database management tool always installed in combination with all Gibitre instrument-control programs.
The program permits to:
• Select, filter, print, export and analyse the test results stored with all the instruments connected.
• Prepare test procedures by defining the test conditions and the results to be produced
• Set tolerance limits for each product by manual insertion or using the statistical analysis (mean and standard deviation) of saved results
• Prepare multi-instrument test reports
Gibitre Standard SQL Database 
All the Gibitre programs use a database with SQL structure for saving the results.
The database can be installed inside an SQL instance present on the company server or it can be installed on a PC connected to a measuring instrument. The installation of the Microsoft SQL service (Express version) is included in the delivery.
Industry 4.0 integration 
The instrument and the software have been specifically developed to optimize integration with other environments.
The database in SQL format and the Gibitre_Company_Connect program allows you synchronize your company management software with Gibitre database and to speed up the identification of the tests and to use bar-code readers or similar devices.
The automatic logging service permits to send alarm information to the cloud-service platform of Gibitre Instruments in order to optimize the reaction times of the Service Support.
Preparation of Test Reports 
Version 10 programs make the following options available for preparing test reports:
• Selection of printing language
• Company logo insertion
• Print a single test / a Group of tests
• Print of Test Curves
• Print Numerical Results
• Print the Limits of Tolerance
• Print Statistical Results
• Print Legend with explanation of results
• Print the Operator Signature
• Print Customized Notes
• Preparation of PDF file

The program integrates a REPORT EDITOR that allows you to completely edit the report and prepare fully customized report formats.
Calibration of the Instrument 
The calibration is performed with reference to the requirements of ISO 6502-2 standard.
The service includes:
• Ordinary maintenance of the instrument
• Calibration of the temperature of the dies at 3 temperatures (177°C, 190°C).
• Calibration of the time for temperature recovery at test start at 180°C (NEW)
• Calibration of the Torque (at 50 dN*m)
• Calibration of the torque standard supplied with the instrument.
• Final check with Standard Gibitre Compound (NEW)
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.
Gibitre calibration service
Safety devices 
The instrument is equipped with:
• Class 1 Safety switch, which prevents the closure of the dies if the safety panel is not closed.
• Safety Push-button
• Safety lock of the maintenance access door, which ensures safe usage even in non-standard operation conditions.
• CE Labelling
Die oscillation control 
The kinematic for the oscillatory movement of the lower test chamber has been developed to ensure perfect operation of the instrument under heavy operating conditions and for extremely long periods: Siemens® motor, SKF® bearings
Calibrated gauges are supplied together with the instrument to easily set the oscillation angle to 1.0° or 3.0°.
Test dies 
Test chamber and Rotor conforming to the international standards.
The seal around the rotor has been developed by Gibitre to ensure Low friction and long duration.
Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.
Constant Volume Sample Cutter 
• Volumetric Die Cutter for the preparation of samples with constant volume required by the standard.
Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  ASTM D2084; ISO 6502-1; ISO 6502-2;  
Instrument Characteristics
Oscillation frequency  100 cycles /minute (1,7 ±0,1 Hz)  Oscillation Angle  1°, 3°. Easy adjustment with calibrated gauges  Temperature  Room Temperature to +250 °C - Resolution 0.1 °C  Torque sensor  Capacity: 220 N*m
Resolution: 0.01 dN*m 
Pressure Sensor (optional)  Resolution 0.1 bar, Scale base 200 bar 
Numerical Test Data  Torque Values: MI, ML, M90, MX, MH, PCR, S"@ML, TanD@ML, S"@MH, TanD@MH (X=customer-defined)
Scorch Time: tS1, tS2, tSX
Cure Time: t90, tX, tML, tMH, tPCR, tRX
Pressure (optional) PL, PH, tP, MPR, tMPR 
Graphic representation  Elastic curve (S'), Viscose curve (S"), Complex curve (S*)Tan-Delta curve, Curing speed, Upper and Lower test chamber temperatures  Results storage  The test result sand the curves are stored in the SQL Gibitre database which is installed in combination with the software  Units  Torque: dNm or lbf.in.
Time: minutes and seconds, minutes and minutes/100, seconds
Temperature: °C, °F 
Software usage Languages  Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Czech  Safety devices  The sample holder is protected with a transparent plastic cover fitted with a safety lock. The supply source is fitted with safety button 
Safety Devices
Safety Devices  Class 1 Safety switch for main piston (Idem)
Safety Pushbutton
Safety lock of the maintenance access door
CE labelling 
Labelling  CE Labelling 
Calibration Report  Calibration report with traceability to primary standards in conformity with the Calibration requirements specified in ISO 6502-2 standard  Calibrated parameters  The certificate includes the calibration of:
- Torque reading
- Temperature of the dies
- Speed of temperature recovery at test start.
- Oscillation amplitude and frequency
- Closure force of the dies
- Final verification with standard compound 
Torque Spring for calibration  Torque calibration spring supplied with the instrument 
Construction Characteristics
Power Supply  220 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3,4 A,single phase -Other on request  Electrical power  1100 Watt  Compressed air  6 bar  Dimensions of instrument  (Width x Depth x Height) 750 x 690 x 1330 mm  Weight  180 Kg 
Personal computer
Personal computer  Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM.
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10;
Connection to the instrument via USB Cable (included) 
The results obtained with a MD (Moving Die) rheometer are comparable with the ones obtained with OD (Oscillating Disk) Rheometer
The results obtained with the two kind of instruments have a positive correlation but they are numerically different because of: - different instrument construction - different sample volume
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