Laboratory press, with 250x250 mm platens and 25 T closure force

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Laboratory press, with 250x250 mm platens and 25 T closure force
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The laboratory press is an important tool for the preparing of samples with reproducible characteristics.
Uniform temperature distribution over the platen Surface and mechanical solidity to ensure constant thickness of the sample and consistent closure force are basic elements to ensure this result.
Key Features 
• Developed and Produced in Italy
• Fully conforming to ISO 2393, ISO 293, ASTM D3182 Standards
• Mechanical structure with 4 columns (with 60 mm diameter) 
• Hydraulic system with 25 tons closure force
• 250x250 mm chrome plated steel platens 
• Extremely uniform temperature distribution over the platen surface (± 0.5°C)
• Hi speed heating (up to 15°C/min) and Cooling (up to 50°C/min)
• Touch-Screen display for complete machine control
• 40 programmable moulding cycles
• Connection to software for storage to SQL database of the moulding cycles & curves of your products
• Closed moulding area for easy fume aspiration
• Pneumatic Protection doors with safety lock
• CE Labelling
Tiltable Press Control Display 
The control of all the machine functions is carried out through the Touch-Screen Display integrated in the front part.
The 10" color display has been developed to ensure ergonomic use by the operator: it can be tilted during programming operations and positioned in a vertical position so as not to hinder access to the molding area.
Total Control of the Moulding Cycle
Press Control Functions 
The PLC controller for the press is provided with a user-friendly Touch Screen Display and permits the free definition of the moulding cycle by setting:
• The displacements of the moving platen of the press,
• The thermal cycle (different temperatures of the platens and thermal gradients can be set within a moulding cycle)
• The pressure cycle (with the force control option installed).
40 Moulding cycles can be stored. Each cycle includes 30 moulding steps.
Gibitre_Press_Control Software: complete traceability of the sample preparation 
The press control PLC can be connected (via USB connection) to the Gibitre_Press_Control software.
The software allows you to:
• Prepare the list of products to be moulded
• Automatically send the Pre-Set temperature, for the product to be moulded, to the PLC of the press and activate its automatic adjustment
• Automatically send the test cycle required, for the product to be moulded, to the press PLC
• Display the trend curves of the platen temperatures and the closing force (if the option is installed) during the execution of the molding cycle.
• Store curves and numerical data in the Gibitre SQL database to keep the complete traceability of the specimen preparation cycle.
Gibitre_Press_Control software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Closure Force Control 
The Digital pressure regulation system is designed for applications that require an accurate control of closure force.
A specific 2-stages hydraulic circuit, which includes proportional regulation valves and continuous fine regulation pumping system, has been designed to ensure accurate pressure control.
The results is a smooth and consistent force control which permit to set the closure force between 10 kN and 250 kN with 10 N set force regulation steps with regulation oscillations lower than 1000 N.
The control of the closing force is performed using the Automatic Press Control that must be installed in combination with the Closure Force Control option.
The Automatic Press Control device permits to set multiple pressure regulation steps within the moulding cycle.
Temperature under control
Temperarture of the Platens 
The heating of the press surfaces is carried out by means of flat heating elements specially designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 2393 standard which admits a maximum difference of ± 0.5 ° C inside the surface of the platens.
The temperature calibration is carried out through a rigorous control procedure which involves the measurement of 10 points distributed within the molding area.

The heating elements, with a power of 3.5 kW, allow you to set heating gradients of the platens up to 15 °C/min.
Note: the maximum speed is conditioned by the thermal mass of the mold and the material to be molded.
Cooling system with Water circuit 
The cooling of the press platens during the molding cycle is necessary for the molding of thermoplastic materials because the material must be cooled down to the solidification temperature before opening the mold.

Gibitre presses can be equipped with an efficient cooling device that allows the temperature reduction of the platens at a controlled speed (down to -50°C/min).

The cooling device consists of a cooling circuit that can be connected to a demineralised water supply source or to a chiller.

The cooling speed is set in the test cycle and is modulated by the control PID independently in the two planes of the press.
Cooling system with Compressed Air circuit 
Gibitre presses can be equipped with a cooling device by means of compressed air which allows the temperature reduction of the platens at a controlled speed (down to -3 °C/min).

The device allows to speed up the regulation of the press temperature when molding operations at different temperatures have to be carried out.

The cooling speed is set in the test cycle and is modulated by the control PID independently in the two planes of the press.
Designed for the user
Light panel 
The press is equipped with a light indicator which changes color and which allows the machine operating status to be recognized even from a distance. The indicator light identifies the statuses: Press ready, Molding cycle in progress, Temperature in the adjustment phase.
Moulds for producing plates and different types of samples according to international standards are available. Fixing rails with sliding system permit easily handling of the moulds. Mould produced upon customer design and company logo engraving are available on request.
Read more about Gibitre Moulds
Mould Extraction 
• All the mold models made by Gibitre can be applied to the press using clamping guides.
• The sliding guide on the lower platen allows you to move the mold effortlessly to facilitate the operations of inserting the product to be moulded and extracting the finished moulded part.
Safety first
Standard Calibration service for Laboratory Press 
Maintenance and Calibration service for your Laboratory Press.
The service includes:
• Ordinaly maintenance of the instrument
• Calibration of the temperature of the platens. The temperature is measured, with the plates closed, in 9 different points of the platens and at 3 different temperatures (140°C, 170°C, 200°C).
• Calibration of the closure Force (50, 100, 150, 250 kN)
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.
Sample Calibration Report
Safety devices 
• Safety protection doors fitted with safety switch.
• Safety Push-button
• CE labelling
Dimension & Layout 
Proudly Made in Italy
Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.
Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  ISO 6916-2; ISO 293; ISO 2393; ASTM D3182; ISO 6916-1; UNI 5572;  
Instrument Characteristics
Max useable platen surface  250 mm x 250 mm  Max closure force  25 Tons  Max platen stroke  200 mm  Temperatures  Up to 250°C (300°C optional).
0.1°C Resolution.
Temperature uniformity in the area 200x200mm:
Maximimum deviation from the centre of the platen <0,5°C.
Mean difference of platen temperature from set point <0,5°C. 
Cooling System by Water Circuit (Option)  Cooling of high efficiency test plates with controlled cooling gradient (between 0 and -50 °C/min)  Cooling System by Compressed Air circuit (Option)  The device is designed to accelerate the preparation of the press between moldings at different temperatures (Cooling speed 3°C/min)  Closure force Control (option)  Continuous control of the closing force with regulation between 10 and 250 kN with 10N regulation steps. Max. regulation error: 1 kN. 
Press control device
PLC with Touch Screen Display: basic functions  The 10" color display allows you to manually operate the machine, to set the temperatures of the floors, to view the operating status of all the devices and sensors installed.  PLC with Touch Screen Display: Setup of Moulding cycles  The PLC allows you to store 40 molding cycles. Each cycle can include up to 30 operations which include: moving the moving floor, temperature and closing force settings (option).  Operating Status Indicator Light:  Press ready, Moulding Cycle active, Press setting test temperature 
Safety Devices
Safety Devices  • Safety Pushbutton.
• Pneumatic safety protection Door with safety switch 
Labelling  CE Labelling 
Calibration Report  Calibration report with traceability to primary standards in conformity with the Calibration requirements specified in ISO 2393 standard  Calibrated parameters  The certificate includes the calibration of:
- temperature of the platens. The measure is performed in 9 different points of the platens and at 3 different temperatures (140°C, 170°C, 200°C).
- Closure force (with Pressure control option) 
Construction Characteristics
Platen temperature control  - Electrical heating.
- Independent temperature control of the plates by means of PID controllers 
Compressed Air supply  Pressure: 6 bar. Compressed air regulation unit integrated into the instrument  Power supply  380 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3, 8 kW,three-phase -Other on request  Electrical power  8 kW  Instrument dimensions  (Width x Depth x Height) 872 x 1123 x 1943 mm  Weight  620 Kg 
Cooling System
Cooling System  The cooling is perform with the connection to a water source (or a chiller). The control of the cooling and of the cooling rate are controlled by the PLC controller.  Cooling liquid supply  The water supplied to the Press must be demineralized.
Water pressure between 4 and 6 bar 
How to handle the water outgoing from the cooling system?
The water leaving the press must be cooled before being discharged. An optional reservoir for outgoing water treatment is available.
How much water is needed for a complete cooling cycle?
The cooling of the platens of the press, starting from 250°C down to 70°C requires approxiametely 30 liters of water. The quantity changes depending from the temperature of the water used.
What pressure does the press exert on the specimen? Is the pressure enough to mould rubber?
The Gibitre press exerts a closing force of 25T (245 kN). Closing pressure is measured by dividing the force by the surface of the mold. The pressure exerted in the molding of a 200x200 mm plate is 245000 / (200 * 200) = 6.125 N / mm2 (6.125 MPa). If the plate has dimensions of 150x150 mm, the pressure exerted is 10.9 MPa. The ISO 2393 standard (Rubber test mixes - Preparation, mixing and vulcanization - Equipment and procedures) requires that the closing force be greater than 3.5 MPa. The Gibitre press guarantees a closing force at least double that required by the standard and allows to successfully print even products with very high viscosity and hardness.
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