Laboratory Press
Laboratory press for the compression moulding of plates and specimens for laboratory tests

Standards the instrument complies with:   
ASTM D3182;   ISO 2393;   ISO 6916-1;   UNI 5572;    


The laboratory press is an important tool for the preparing of samples with reproducible characteristics. Uniform temperature distribution over the platen surface, mechanical solidity to ensure constant thickness of the sample and consistent closure force are basic elements to ensure this result.

Instrument Characteristics 
The complete design of Gibitre press has been specifically developed to get the best possible results:
- Mechanical structure with 4 columns (60 mm diameter) and sliding platen driven by self-lubricating bushing
- Hydraulic system with 25 tons closure force (which ensures 6.2 MPa pressure over 200x200 mm mould surface)
- 250x250 mm chrome plated steel platens with 40 mm thickness to ensure minimal deflection even at high pressing forces.
- Specifically designed flat heating elements to ensure uniform temperature distribution over the platen surface (± 2°C)

According to the needs of the customer, the press may be equipped with:
- Automatic Press Control,
- Cooling system
- Closure Force Control.

Automatic Press Control 
The PLC controller for the press is provided with a user-friendly Touch Screen Display and permits the free definition of the moulding cycle by setting:
- the displacements of the moving platen of the press,
- the thermal cycle (different temperatures of the platens and thermal gradients can be set within a moulding cycle)
- the pressure cycle (with the force control option installed).
Three Moulding cycles can be stored. Each cycle includes 24 moulding steps (including displacements, temperatures setups and pressure setups)

Cooling system 
Cooling is required for moulding of thermoplastics because the moulded part must be brought to solidification temperature before opening the mould.
The cooling is performed by means of integrated cooling platens and requires the connection to a water source or a chiller.
The Automatic Press Controller automatically regulates the cooling system according to the temperature and cooling rate set in the moulding cycle.
When the set final temperature has been reached, the platens may be automatically opened for the extraction of the moulded part.

Closure Force Control 
The Digital pressure regulation system is designed for applications that require an accurate control of closure force.
A specific 2-stages hydraulic circuit, which includes proportional regulation valves and continuous fine regulation pumping system, has been designed to ensure accurate pressure control.
The results is a smooth and consistent force control which permit to set the closure force between 10 kN and 250 kN with 10 N set force regulation steps with regulation oscillations lower than 1000 N.
The control of the closing force is performed using the Automatic Press Control that must be installed in combination with the Closure Force Control option.
The Automatic Press Control device permits to set multiple pressure regulation steps within the moulding cycle.

Moulds for producing plates and different types of samples according to international standards are available. Fixing rails with sliding system permit easily handling of the moulds. Mould produced upon customer design and company logo engraving are available on request.

Gibitre Press Logger 
The Automatic Press Control device is fitted with a USB port which permits the connection to a Pc. The Gibitre Press Logger program permits the continuous recording of the press conditions (temperature, pressure, moving platen position, cycle step). Both graphical and numerical recording is provided with automatic generation of daily storage files. The program is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and 10 (64 bits).

Max platen stroke 
200 mm 
Max useable platen surface 
250 mm x 250 mm 
Max closure force 
25 Tons 
Up to 250°C (300°C optional). 0.1°C Resolution 
Platen temperature control 
- Electrical heating.
- Independent temperature control of the plates by means of PID controllers
- Maximum Temperature difference in the 200x200 mm central area: 2°C 
Touch Screen PLC controller (optional) 
PLC with touch-screen display. Permits to:
- set displacements of the moving plate
- set the temperatures.
- activate the cooling and cooling rate (with cooling option)
- set closure force (with force regulation option) 
Closure Force Regulator (optional) 
Special hydraulic setup for continuous regulation of the closure force. Adjustable closure force between 6 and 250kN. Regulation error <10%. 
Platen cooling (optional) 
Press Platens with water cooling circuit
The control of the cooling and of the cooling rate is controlled by the PLC controller
The connection to a water source or a Chiller is required (fittings 1/4'') 
Power supply 
380 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3, 10 A,three-phase -Other on request 
Electrical power 
6 KW 
Instrument dimensions (with mounted side drawer) 
(Width x Depth x Height) 1200 x 950 x 1800 mm 
520 Kg 

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