Connect your lab software to your company management system to ensure easy test identification and complete traceability!

Industry 4.0: integrate your Lab software

Connect your lab software to your company management system to ensure easy test identification and complete traceability!
The instruments produced by Gibitre Instruments are fully conforming to the requirements of Industry 4.0 
Instruments complying with the requirements of Industry 4.0 combine the possibility to improve your company's management with a coherent, solid, and interconnected storage method for your test results.
The conformity of our instruments is certified by Confindustria through a dedicated audit for our Rheometer, Viscosimeters, Dynamometers, Durometers, Densimeters, Ozonometers, Low Temperature Tester, Resistivity Tester and Rebound Tester.
Along with the technical report certifying compliance, Gibitre Instruments provides technical support for activating interconnection with your management program.
A 'Keys in hand' service for one step (or better four) to the future.
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Technical support for the setup of company Connectivity 
Gibitre provides technical support for the activation of the connection between the Gibitre SQL database and your management program to fulfill the connectivity requirements required for Industry 4.0.
Gibitre provides the GIBITRE COMPANY CONNECTION program that allows the synchronization between the data contained in your support tables and Gibitre SQL database.
You can synchronize your lists of Customers, Products and Production Orders
The synchronization of your lists with Gibitre database permits easy and mistake-free identification of the tests performed with all the instruments connected to the network and will ensure a solid and accurate traceability of the tests performed.
For the activation of the service you will only need to extract support tables from your management program that contain the updated lists of Customers, Products and Production Orders.
The connection to the tables is done through an ODBC connector. Formats compatible with ODBC connector are: SQL, Access, txt, csv, etc.
Automatic execution of the synchronization program is performed using the Windows 'Task Scheduler' program which allows to define the frequency and time of the operation.
The activation of the service is normally done simultaneously with the installation of the instruments.
Gibitre - Company Connect Software
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