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Manual Digital Hardness Check

Portable digital Shore Hardness tester. Available scales: Shore A, D, A0, 00.

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Manual Digital Hardness Check 
Digital Shore tester for the performance of hardness tests that can be used manually or in combination with support.
The instrument can be used as stand-alone device or can be connected to HardnessCheck software for automatic storage of test results.

A Professional Solution for Your Lab 
• High resolution sensor and frictionless mechanical construction to ensure extreme accuracy and repeatability of the measures
• Wide 25x50 mm digital display
• Long-duration Lithium rechargeable battery
• Calculation of Initial hardness and hardness after set test time
• Storage of 20 measures in the memory of the device for further transmission to the software
• Control of the approaching force applied to the instrument in manual use
• Optional Windows-based software for the direct acquisition of data and curves during the execution of the test
• Easy insertion of the instrument into the support housing hole (no fixings or adjustments are required)
Accredia Calibration of the instrument 

Gibitre Instruments is Accredited Accredia laboratory according to ISO 17025 Standard

The instrument can be supplied with an ACCREDIA calibration certificate issued by the Accredia laboratory of Gibitre instruments.
The calibration is carried out according to the Technical Procedure approved by Accredia and in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 48-4 standard.
The Calibration refers to:
• Dimensions of the Indentor and Annular foot
• Forces applied by the indentor and the annular foot
• Displacement of the indenter
• Duration of the test

Manual use 
For manual use, the instrument must be simply pressed against the sample.
The display shows when the correct approaching force is being applied. The test results are automatically stored at the end of the test time. A specific handle permits easy test performance on round surfaces.

Use with support stand 
Simply insert the instrument in the housing hole to start using the support stand.
Adjust the top part of the support according to the thickness of the sample (max 160 mm).
The sliding weight, resting on the top of the instrument, guarantees the application of the force required by the standards.
Place the sample on the sample-holder and lift it using the handle to start the test.
Gibitre Hardness Software 
The Software Hardness-Check allows to:
• Automatically acquire the curve and the test results when the instrument is in start
• Save all test results in the SQL database
• Compare the results with the tolerance limits
• Produce test reports
The PC control software allows multiple instruments to be used simultaneously. Each instrument is connected to the PC via the supplied USB cable.

Standard Calibration service for a SHORE Hardness Tester 
The calibration is performed with reference to the requirements of ISO 48-4 standard.
The service includes:
• Ordinary maintenance of the instrument
• Visual inspection of the Indentor.
• Calibration of the total run of the indentor (readings at 0 and 100 Shore points).
• Calibration of the displacement of the indentor and of the force applied by the indentor in correspondence with several Shore readings (20, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90 Shore).
• Calibration of the force application time (NEW)
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.

Sample Calibration Report

Calculated Results: SHORE Hardness 
The software allows you to prepare customized test procedures that include all the calculations required by the standards and product specifications. The dedicated page describes all the available calculations.
Manual holders for the testing on round surfaces
Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.

Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  FIAT 50411; VDA 675-202; ISO 868; ISO 48-4; ASTM D2240; ISO 7267-2;  
Instrument Characteristics
Hardness sensors available  Shore (A, D, 00, A0)  Calculated Results  Initial hardness, hardness values after customer defined test times.  Resolution  0.01 Shore points 
Software (Optional)  The software permits to export the test result to store them in the SQL Gibitre database.
The export starts automatically at each test start. 
Safety Devices
Labelling  CE Labelling 
Calibration  Report with traceability to primary references
ACCREDIA calibration Certificate (optional) 
Technical specifications
Instrument Weight  650 g  Instrument Dimensions  W 82 x D 42 x H 180 mm  Digital Display Dimensions  25x50 mm (128x64 Pixels)  Battery  Lithium battery for up to 8 hours continuous usage  Battery Charge  Usb cable and plug for 110/220 V 50/60Hz included 
Support Stand
Support features  Adjustable distance between hardness sensor and sample (Max 160 mm)  Support Dimensions  (W x D x H) 200 x 200 x 500 mm 
Other optional accessories
Supports for cylindrical surfaces  The instrument can be easily used for the manual testing of hardness of cylinders.
Different applicators are available according to the radius of the cylinder to be tested. 
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Manual Digital Hardness Check
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