Manual Centring Devices for hardness tester

Gibitre has developed several types of manual centring devices to ease the positioning of technical parts in the right testing point

Universal Centring Device for O-Rings 
The centering device allows to quickly carry out hardness tests on O-rings with rope between 1 and 11 mm and internal diameter up to 200 mm.
To carry out the test, the piece is positioned on the extension plate integrated between the two adjustment micro-cylinders.
The adjustment wheel allows you to set the distance between the cylinders according to the rope of the o-ring.
The fixing clip allows to maintain the correct positioning of curved pieces
The device is applied to the standard plate of the instrument by magnetic fixing which allows its rapid installation and removal.
Diaphragm centering device for O-rings 
The device permits to perform automatic multiple tests on O-ring or round parts with external diameter between 4.5 and 75 mm. The device consist of a diaphragm to fix the external diameter of the o-ring and of a gauge-meter for the adjustment of the position of the center of the diaphragm.
The use is very simple:
1) Open the diaphragm and put the o-ring in the center of the device.
2) Close the diaphragm using the open-close leverage until the o-ring is fixed in the center of the device
3) Use the gauge-meter of adjust the position of the device according to the diameter and cross-section of the o-ring
4) Start a multiple test session to make automatically tests in different points of the sample.
To test several o-rings with the same dimensions, you only need to replace the o-ring on the device without any further regulation.

Centring Device for cylinders and Hoses 
Cantering system for the measure of Micro-irhd hardness on the outer surface of rubber tubes with maximum external diameter 50 mm (other dimension on request).
No preparation of the sample to keep it flat is needed.
To perform a test, you simply need to place a piece of the hose on the device and press start.
Extension of sample holder 
Extension of sample holder for Automatic Hardness tester with 300 mm diameter. The support, made of Aluminium, can be added to the standard sample holder to increase the bearing surface for the testing of big-size samples.

Technical specifications
Diaphragm centering device  Enables Multiple Automatic testing of o-rings or round parts with external diameter between 4.5 and 75 mm.
Testing of samples with the same dimensions don't require re-centring.
Distance between support plate and diaphragm is adjustable to fit sample se 
Microcylinder centering device  Permits quick positioning of symmetric parts without diameter limitation
Manual positioning is required between one test and the next
The height of the micro-cylinders can be adjusted according to the cross-section of the sample 
Centering device for tubes  Permits to test rubber tubes with external diameter up to 50 mm
Manual positioning is required between one test and the next 
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Manual Centring Devices for hardness tester
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