Manual or Automatic hardness testing solutions for every control need. A range of professional instruments with Accredia calibration

Gibitre hardness testers: a solution for every need

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Manual or Automatic hardness testing solutions for every control need. A range of professional instruments with Accredia calibration
Manual Digital Shore Testers 

● Digital Shore Durometer usable manually or in combination with manual handling support.
● Available scales: Shore A, D, 00, A0.
● The instrument can be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to the Hardness-Check software for automatic archiving of test results.
Automatic Shore and IRHD hardness testers  

● Hardness testers are available for IRHD (Micro, Normal, Hard, Low) and Shore (A, D, A0, 00) hardness.
● Instruments with single or multi-head are available.
● Control of instruments by software or by electronic console.
● Wide range of centering devices to facilitate execution
measurements on parts with specific shapes.
Micro-IRHD with Laser Centring System 

● Automatic serial measurement of the IRHD hardness of technical items with complex shape and small dimensions by means of a laser centering device which detects the correct measuring point for each piece.
● Unmatched measurement accuracy even on small parts
● Automatic operation without operator assistance for high productivity
Accredia Calibration of the instrument 

● Gibitre Instruments is Official ISO 17025 Accredited laboratory since 2005.
● Calibrations are carried out according to Technical Procedures approved by Accredia and in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 48-2 (IRHD) ISO 48-4 (Shore A) ISO 868 (Shore D) standards.
Gibitre Hardness Software 

All Gibitre hardness testers can be controlled using the Hardness-Check Software to fully enhance your control activity and ensure complete traceability of the results obtained.
Development and production 

● All the durometer models are designed and entirely produced in Italy within the Gibitre Instruments factory.
● The company internally produces the mechanical components of the instrument through modern machining centers.
● The components and sensors purchased externally are selected from the most prestigious brands to ensure maximum reliability of the measurements.
● Carefully trained internal staff takes care, with the utmost attention, of all stages of assembly, adjustment, calibration, shipping and installation.
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