Tensor Check Profile - PC
Fully programmable tensile-testing system working in traction and compression suitable for testing mechanical characteristics of materials like rubbers, plastics, composites, adhesives, leather, etc.

Standards the instrument complies with:   
ASTM D412;   ASTM D575;   ASTM D624;   ASTM D638;   ASTM D790;   ASTM D882;   ASTM F152;   ASTM D1056;   ASTM D1414;   ASTM D1456;   ASTM D1894;   ASTM D2412;   ASTM D3574;   ATE N_553_59_25;   FIAT 50405;   FIAT 50409;   FIAT 50412;   ISO 36;   ISO 37;   ISO 178;   ISO 604;   ISO 814;   ISO 1798;   ISO 1827;   ISO 2411;   ISO 34-1;   ISO 5600;   ISO 5893;   ISO 6133;   ISO 7743;   ISO 8033;   ISO 8295;   ISO 10319;   ISO 12236;   ISO 15113;   ISO 527-1;   ISO 527-2;   ISO 527-3;   ISO 527-4;   ISO 527-5;   ISO 3384-1;   ISO 6259-3;   ISO 6916-1;   PV 3973;   UNI-EN 1372;   UNI-EN 12228;    

Gibitre Tensor Check is a fully programmable tensile-testing system suitable for testing mechanical characteristics of materials including rubbers, plastics, composites, adhesives, leather, etc. The instrument permits to perform traction, compression, hysteresis, peeling, flexural and shear tests.

Instrument Characteristics 
Double screw structure with recycling of ball-bearings designed for the application of load cells up to 20 kN.
A wide range of Load cells, operating in traction and compression, can be installed on the instrument.
Auto-detection of the load cell installed.
Measurement of the crosshead displacement with 0.0025 mm resolution.
Advance speed can be adjusted from 0.2 to 1000 mm/min.
Safety limit switch for adjustment of the slide stroke and automatic return on termination of the test.

The software includes a wide range of pre-defined test procedures in compliance with international standards (traction, compression, peeling, hysteresis, flexion, etc.) and the possibility of creating fully customized test procedures for non-standard tests.
Direct sample thickness acquisition from digital centesimal thickness meter connected with the instrument (optional) and automatic calculation of the cross-section depending on the type of sample selected.
Display and printing in different colors of the relative test curves for rapid test identification.
Checking of whether results comply with tolerance limits and relative statistic analysis (Mean, median, St.dev., Max, Min, Cp, Cpk).

Stretch gauge for differential extension measurement with resolution 0.01 mm.

Thickness meter 
Thickness meter for direct acquisition of sample thickness in compliance with ISO 23529 and ASTM D 3767 standards.

Environmental chamber 
Test Chamber for the performance of tests with controlled temperature (between -40°C and +250°C).
The environmental chamber can be manually displaced from the test area to the back of the instrument for testing with or without temperature control.
Differential extensometer to be installed inside the chamber is available.

Wide range of grips for traction, compression, peeling, stress relaxation tests for standard or customer-defined tests.

Standard Calibration service for Tensile Tester 
The calibration is performed with reference to the requirements of ISO 5893 standard (see detail below)
The service includes:
• Ordinary maintenance of the instrument
• Calibration of the differential Extensometer (25mm and 100 mm) according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of the Reference Length (L0) according to ISO 5893 (NEW)
• Calibration of N° 1 Load Cell (10 points testing) according to ISO 7500-1
• Calibration of Crosshead Displacement according to ISO 5893
• Calibration of Crosshead Speed according to ISO 5893 (NEW)
• Calibration of the thickness meter according to ISO 23529
• Calibration of the temperature inside the Environmental chamber
• Verification of the extensometer inside the Environmental chamber
• Issue and e-mail shipment of the Calibration Certificate with traceability to primary standards.


Industry 4.0 integration 
The instrument and the software have been specifically developed to optimize integration with other environments.
The database in SQL format and the Gibitre_Company_Connect program allows you synchronize your company management software with Gibitre database and to speed up the identification of the tests and to use bar-code readers or similar devices.
The automatic logging service permits to send alarm information to the cloud-service platform of Gibitre Instruments in order to optimize the reaction times of the Service Support.

Type of tests 
Traction, Compression, Tear, Hysteresis, Peeling, Relaxation, Flexure 
Testing procedure 
Tension and Compression 
Data analysis 
Checking of whether results comply with tolerance limits and relative
statistical elaboration (Mean, Median, St.dev., Max, Min, Cp, Cpk) 
Load Transducers 
Mode: traction and compression
Base Scale: up to 20 kN
Accuracy: Class 05 (ISO 7500-1) from 1% of Scale Base
Resolution: Scale Base/50000.
Automatic detection of the cell installed 
Mechanical Extensometer 
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: Class E according to ISO 5893 
Resolution: 0.0001 mm
Total Run: 3 mm 
Crosshead displacement 
Reading Resolution: 0.0025 mm
Speed: 0.2 to 1000 mm/min
Stroke: 1244 mm (without grips) 
Selection of units for graph representation of tests 
Y axis: force, force/cross sec., force/thickness
X axis: Differential elongation, absolute elongation, time 
Measurement units 
N, N/mm, N/mm2 (Mpa), Kgf, Kgf/mm, Kgf/mm2 , PSI 
Direct Thickness acquisition 
Integrated Thickness meter in compliance with ISO 23529 and ASTM D3767 standards. 
Power supply 
220 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3,4 A, single phase - 500 W - 110 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz ±3 on request 
Air Pressure (for optional pneumatic grips) 
6 bar 
(W x D x H) 750 x 700 x 1900 mm 
170 kg 

Environmental Chamber 
Temperature: between -40°C and +250°C 
Environmental Chamber: Mechanical Extensometer 
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Accuracy: Conforming with ISO 5893 Standard - Class E 
Environmental Chamber: Cooling system 
Refrigeration Unit 
Environmental Chamber: Internal Dimensions 
W 240 x D 230 x H 600 mm. 
Environmental Chamber: Noise level 
Noise level, with cooling unit, 65 dB (A) 
Personal computer 
Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM. Compatible Operating Systems: 7, 8 and 10; Connection to the instrument via USB Cable (included) 
Software usage Languages 
Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Czech 
Calibration certificate with reference to primary standards 

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