Electronic Balance Check
PC-controlled-Electronic Densimeter for automatic evaluation of the density, % Mass Variation (DM) and % Volume Variation (DV) of compact and cellular (non absorbent) materials

Standards the instrument complies with:   
ASTM D297;   ASTM D471;   ASTM D792;   ASTM D1056;   ASTM D3574;   ISO 1817;   ISO 2781;   ISO 1183-1;    

Density is an important measure for quality control purposes and has many applications in polymer compounding, polymer transformation, cost analysis.

Instrument characteristics 
The instrument permits to measure the density of soft or rigid compact materials, foam (non-absorbent), pellets or liquids. Specific sample holders are available for the different kind of products.

Performing a test is quick and easy:
•Apply the sample to the sample holder
•Fix the sample holder to the magnetic clamp
•Press start.

The instrument automatically records the weight of the sample, moves up the beaker containing the reference liquid to measure the volume and the density. Finally moves down the becker to the start position for the next test.
The instrument is fitted with:
- first brand scale with 0.001g (optionally 0.0001g) resolution
- motor controlled lifting system, which moves up and down a beaker during the automatic execution of the test.
- sample holder (different kinds of sample holders are available testing rubber, plastics, foam, pellets, liquids)
- electronic card for instrument control with usb cable for the connection to the PC
- Windows-based software for instrument control

Gibitre density software 
The software enables the complete automatic performance of the test, the comparison of the results with the tolerance limits set for the product and the storage of the results in standard Gibitre database with SQL format. The software permits to store Mass and Volume results and to compare the results with the ones obtained using the same samples after aging test in order to calculate Mass and Volume Percentage variation (DM%, DV%)according to ISO 1817 or ASTM D 471 standards.
The reference liquid for volume calculation can be selected (default liquids are distilled water or ethyl alcohol). The density of the reference liquid is corrected according to the temperature of the lab entered in the program to ensure accurate volume calculation.
Statistics: X-chart, Gaussian Curve, Max, Min, Mean, Std. Dev, Cp and Cpk for the ongoing test or for a selection of stored results are automatically calculated.
The test report for the test performed or for a selection of stored results includes test identification, tolerance limits, statistic, company logo, digital signature of the user and a legend with the description of the results calculated.
The software is connected to the Gibitre Standard SQL database.

Setup for density testing of:
- rigid materials
- foam
- pellets
- liquids



Industry 4.0 integration 
The instrument and the software have been specifically developed to optimize integration with other environments.
The database in SQL format and the Gibitre_Company_Connect program allows you synchronize your company management software with Gibitre database and to speed up the identification of the tests and to use bar-code readers or similar devices.
The automatic logging service permits to send alarm information to the cloud-service platform of Gibitre Instruments in order to optimize the reaction times of the Service Support.

Balance full scale 
310 g 
Balance sensitivity 
±0.001 g (±0.0001 g optional) 
Power supply 
220 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3, 0.2 A,single phase, 50 W - 110 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz ±3 on request 
Calibration certificate with traceability to primary standards 
Instrument dimensions 
(W x D x H) 300 x 400 x 450 mm 
10 Kg 
Measurable density 
The instrument can be set for measuring the density of Rubber, rigid materials, foam (non absorbent), pellets, liquids.
The instrument enables automatic measurements to be carried out even for samples with density of less than 1 g/cm 
Cycle control 
After the application of the sample, the test cycle, including the displacement of the backer with the reference liquid, is fully automatic. 
Numerical test data 
Mass, volume and density (original state and after aging treatment)
% mass Variation and % Volume variation 
Selection of the reference liquid 
The kind of reference liquid and the density according to the temperature of the lab can be selected. 
Data analysis 
Mean, Std. dev., max, min, Cp, Cpk, X-Chart 
Personal Computer 
Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM.
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10;
Connection to the instrument via USB Cable (included) 

Software usage Languages 
Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Czech. 

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