A new construction of the device for efficient preparation and reliable results

Compression Set - Drive

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A new construction of the device for efficient preparation and reliable results
Why Choose Compression Set - Drive?
About Compression Set Test 
This Compression Set device complies with ISO 815, ASTM D 395 Method B, DIN 53 517 standards.

The Compression Set Test methods are intended to measure the ability of rubbers to retain their elastic properties at specified temperatures after prolonged compression at constant strain (normally 25 %) under specific Temperaure and Deformation conditions.
For rubber of nominal hardness within the range 10 IRHD to 80 IRHD 25 % strain is normally used. For hardness of 80 IRHD and above, a lower compression strain is used: 15 % for a nominal hardness from 80 IRHD to 89 IRHD and 10 % for a nominal hardness from 90 IRHD to 95 IRHD.
Key Features 
• Usable area optimized for 12 specimens
• Instrument setups with 2 or 3 plates
• Aluminum handle for one-hand manipulation
• 3-bolt lock for quick preparation
• Support base for screwdriver use
• Chrome-plated plates with standard roughness
• Calibration report for roughness and spacers thickness
• Circular anti-fall spacers
• Rubber feet
How to perform a test 
To perform a test:
1) Insert the samples between the test plates
2) insert the 3 spacers requestd to obtain the expected deformation
3) Close the bolts until the plates come in contact with the spacers to apply the expected deformation
4) Place the whole device in an oven at the set temperature and for the desired test time
5) Remove the device from the oven and mesure the permanent deformation using the procedure described in the standards
Details that make the difference
Calibration Report for Compression set device 
The Compression Set device is equipped with a unique identification label and is supplied with a Calibration Report with traceability to the reference instruments used.
The Calibration Report includes the measurements of:
• Surface roughness of the device in accordance with the requirements of the standards.
• Spacer thicknesses measured in 3 points.
Aluminum handle and optimized size for easier manipulation 
Compression set devices require frequent movements and manipulations and must be placed in stoves. Being able to manipulate the instrument with one hand is certainly an advantage.
The solid anodized aluminum handle improves handling but does not increase the volume occupied in the stove.
The size and thickness of the plates have been designed to ensure the necessary rigidity while maintaining a low weight: 11.5 kg for the 3-plate device and 8 kg for the 2-plate device.
Closure with 3 bolts 
The device allows the closing of the upper plate using only 3 bolts. The bolt head is recessed into the base plate to avoid the use of two wrenches.
3-bolt closure reduces preparation time by 25%.
All the samples you need
Three plate device construction 
The 3-plate model is optimal for performing large quantities of tests in one run, allowing up to 24 ISO 815-1 Type 1 specimens to be tested simultaneously.
For changing control needs, the intermediate plate can be added or removed.
The total weight of the assembled device is 11,5 kg
Two plate device construction 
The 2-plate model is versatile and light, allows you to test up to 12 ISO 815-1 Type 1 specimens simultaneously and is optimal for laboratories where specimens arrive in staggered fashion.
The total weight of the device is 8 kg.
Optimized surface for numerous specimens 
The usable surface of the devices allows to test up to 12 ISO 815-1 type A specimens.
A rectangular device with the same surface could only accommodate 8.
Support base: Assembly and Opening of the device Quick and Safe 
The assembly and opening operation of the device can be tiring and not without risks.
The support base, specially designed to be locked in a vice, ensures that the device does not move during operations and allows you to use the screwdriver to avoid the use of wrenches: a pit stop for your Compression set.
Mould for samples 
• Mould for sample prepation
• Thickness meter for the measure of sample thickness
Interchangeable silicone feet: safer handling and attention to the laboratory 
The reduction in the number of sharp and angular surfaces helps to reduce the risk of shocks and noise during numerous manipulations of the devices.
Equilateral triangle construction 
The shape of the equilateral triangle device and the thickness of the 18 mm plates eliminates the risk of deformation of the plates even with a large number of specimens with high hardness and guarantees to apply the same deformation to all specimens.
Development and production 
The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Gibitre Instruments in Italy.
All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.
Technical specifications
Reference Standards
Standards the instrument complies with:  FIAT 50410; ISO 1856; ASTM D1056; ISO 6916-1; ISO 6916-2; ASTM D1414; ISO 815; EN 681-1; ASTM D395-B;  
Testing Configuration
Dimensions of the assembled device  Device with 3 Plates:(WxDxH) 182x184x123 mm
Device with 3 Plates:(WxDxH) 182x184x93 mm 
Number of plates  2 or 3  Standard Spacers (Big sample)  ISO 815 Type A: 9,35 mm ± 0,05 mm
ASTM D 395 Type 1A: 9,5 mm ± 0,02 mm
DIN 53 517-II: 9,38 mm ± 0,01 mm 
Standard Spacers (Small sample)  ISO 815 Type B: 4,75mm±0,05mm
ASTM D 395 type 2B: 4,5mm±0,01mm
DIN 53 517-I: 4,72mm±0,01mm 
Technical specifications
Weight of complete device  Device with Two Plates: 8 kg
Device with 3 Plates: 11.5 kg 
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